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PRODUCT:Chinese blue limestone

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Profile of Jining Baolai Stone Co., Ltd

1. 2007, Jining Baolai Stone Stone Co.,Ltd was founded, specialize in the Chinese blue limestone production, the factory is located at Jiaxiang town of Shandong provice in China, covers 3000 square meters.

2. 2008, Baolai Stone get the direct exporting certificate liced by the government. The blue limestons are exported to Europe and North America. The factory builed a new warehouse covers 600 squre meters and a new living place for the staffs covers 800 square meters.

3. 2008, Baolai Stone was hored "2008 Contract Trust Company " certificed by the local stone association.

4. 2009, Baolai Stone installed new irregular stone machines, which advanced our production ability of complex irregular stones.

5. 2010, Baolai Stone harvested very good feedback from European and North American customers. We established business relashionship with more than 10 countries, and exported about 500 containers this year.

6. 2011, Baolai Stone applied the government's domestic market policy, we started to market domestic demand of blue limestone, and successfully contracted tens stone projects in neighbour provinces like Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang etc.

7. 2012, Baolai Stone couquerd the quarry limitation, cost incresing of blue stones. We stocked large quantities raw blocks of blue stone, still and continuously provide high quality blue stone products.

8. 2013, Baolai Stone focus on high value added blue stone products. Maximumly make best use of raw quarries. We helped customers get more profit through new product develop.

9. 2014, The former factory is within the government's " new scenery area", so we have to move out. Baolai Stone established a new factory at Jiaocheng industrial zone, east of S252 road.

10. 2015, New factory runs fluently, covers 7 acres or 4662 square meters, with 2 new work shops, which is larger than previous factory.













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